Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation (AMTF) started with modest meager means in November 2003. By the grace of Almighty Allah and help from all walks of life AMTF formed an Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Centre providing leading edge, advanced personalized thalassemia care. AMTF is become pioneer and proud to be Pakistan first having state of the art Thalassemia Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with all required sub-specialties clinics, medical & diagnostics services for the patients suffering from thalassemia.

At AMTF 100% patients are treated free of cost with the concept that “Our Patients are Our Guest”. We get referral from all over Pakistan; especially from the province of Sindh & Baluchistan. The project is dedicated to the parents of patients suffering with blood disorders and they are the actual driving force.

The journey of dedication started after its registration in shared premises having two room’s clinic. Our expedition of passion & commitment can state in the following phases:

PHASE 1 (2003-04):


In November 2003 AMTF was established in two-room clinics with five blood transfusion capacities in a flat located at Tariq Road Karachi. We had 15 registered patients.


This year we had 25 registered patients, and we acquire medical officers, accountants, and nursing & housekeeping staff. The rest of the team members were on a voluntary basis.

PHASE 2 (2005-07):


Due to the shortage of the space & constantly increase in the numbers of patients we rented new place nearby Nainee Taal Wala round about (Bahadurabad). At this premises AMTF had a capacity for 10 blood transfusions in one shift. At this place the registration reached to 100 patients.


We started food services, IT department & front desk office facilitating as well maintaining the patient’s record. We also started a library this year.


In 2007 besides the existing services for our patients we started our laboratory services just to perform the basic hematology tests within premises. This year we also started ultrasound for our patient’s. Pharmacy service was started with the provision of all free medications for the patients.

PHASE 3 (2008-10):


Our registered patients were 175 again we were distressed for a larger place so can accommodate not only patients but can able to manage the support services. In 2008 we shifted to new premises at the 2nd Floor of BNH Ayesha Manzil FB Area Karachi.


In 2009 in collaboration with CCH we started our inpatient services which first of its kind in thalassaemia patients care services in Pakistan. We strengthened the existing services & enhance the laboratory services i.e. round the clock. We started thalassemia screening and support to provide blood for transfusion to our patients without blood donor requirement.


AMTF was the first setup having IPD services for thalassemia patients, this year we expand our medical team so we can provide maximum care under one roof. This year our registered patients reached 300. At this stage AMTF improved pharmacy services; transfusion capacity (up to 12 blood transfusions at a time).We established our 24 hours emergency care facility.

PHASE 4 (2011-13):


AMTF will remember this phase an unforgettable in the journey of foundation. We spread out & achieved major milestones during the 2011-12. We established five beds first Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the thalassaemia patients in this region. This state of the art set up & unique of its kind was established with the generous support of Government of Japan. We started Hematology Clinic, Heart Care Clinic, Eye Care Clinic, Neurology Clinic and Clinical Psychology Service for our patients. All efforts focused to develop multi- disciplinary team for blood disorders. The registered patients reached 500.

AMTF in Year 2013 In 2013 we have more than 600 registered patients. Day Care area has now 18 transfusions capacity in each shift; our day care remained open its services even on Sunday.
We currently are serving with following services: