World Health Organization (WHO) assigned voluntary non-remunerated donation as the safest form of Blood donation. Moreover, it emphasized on developing strategies and program to induct regular donors in large quantity to maintain the highest possible quality of blood supply. The theme for 2011 Blood donor day by W.H.O was “More blood, More life” where it was emphasized that more people should get awareness regarding donating blood as they are carrying a precious gift which is beneficial to mankind.

Reportedly there are 170 public and 450 private blood banks in the country but still a lack of blood donors pool.(Blood Donation Camps, 2015).Due to the humanitarian assistance of non- governmental organizations (NGO’S) and Blood Donor organizations (BDO’s) there has been some progression since 1970’s (Hassan & Usman, 2014)(Tufail, et al. 2013), Almost1.5 million blood pints are collected annually in the country where majority of donation (65%) comes from replacement donors and a lesser percent from volunteer donors (i.e. 25%). (Asif, Kokhar, & Ilahi, 2004)(Mujeeb, 1997).

The concept of “SALIFOME” was coined by Dr. Asim Qidwai (Founder & C.E.O AMTF Helping Blood Disorder Program) and forwarded a novel idea an effort to amalgamate the blood donors with the recipients through a humanitarian binding force by creating an atmosphere.

Saving a Life In front Of My Eyes (SALIFOME) which encompasses the missing emotional cum motivational link and is a kind of a connection/ a link/ a bonding which will move between a donor and the beneficiaries and help a blood donor club to keep donor retention for longer period of time.

First Pilot Study Project of AMTF” at Afzaal Memorial Thalassemia Foundation.

Operational Definition

By placing the blood donation area opposite to blood receiving area where we can actually show the blood donors in real time the immediate benefits of donating blood. This will in turn induce in donor a feeling of attachment and emotional bondage with the recipient and keep the donor pool intact’

Predicted Outcomes and Benefits: Immediate & Long Term

Donor immediate satisfaction, Long term engagement of donors, Establishment of large blood donor pool registration, Community education and Involvement to support for each other. SALIFOME would probably trigger intrinsic motivation and will keep the mankind support on long term mode to help each other.